PPC 12: My Gluten-Free Yoga Mat

The Denial Of Tommy

WE ARE THAWED OUT FROM THE COLD OF THE HOLIDAYS. It is time for The Porcelain Pigeoncast! 

This week on the Pigeoncast: Taylor is officially back from the dead. Congrats to Taylor for making it back. 

We talk about The Golden Globes this week! We delayed the podcast to watch it so we can give our hot takes about it right after it finished. We highlight the highs and talk about the lows from the awards. We talk about The MeToo and TimesUp Movement. Art and politics are connected, and we are proud for the women taking a stand and bringing down the disgusting side of Hollywood. 

We also talk about YouTube and go on a bit of a rant with Logan Paul and his recent actions. We end the podcast with Posivibes and a bit of an insight into what is coming up for Porcelain Pigeon in 2018. Thank you so much for sticking through with us for the past few months. We cannot wait to make this even better.

Here is the link to Oprah's speech. Here is the link for the Golden Globe winners.


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Kelly, happy 2018.