PPC 11: Their Twitter Account Is So Lit


This week's Pigeoncast blasts Daniel Day-Lewis, The Golden Globes, Star Wars: The Last Jedi pushing everyone out of the theater, and Moon Pies. It's a very happy episode. We also give first impressions about Lady Bird and quick thoughts about why everyone should see it.

We also talk about Hopdoddy's and Rodeo Goat's very hot, extremely spicy, hamburgers. Austin and Tyler both cried while eating their respective burgers. They are not good with spicy spices.

We also filmed our Moon Pie thoughts, which can be found on our Twitter aka right here. We start our eating around the 37 minute mark so if you want to see us stuff our faces, you can do so!

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We will be pre-recording episodes for Christmas and New Years, so expect awesome content from us on those days! See you in 2018!