PPC 5: Ladies, Grow A Mustache


Tyler's Show Notes: I made Austin cry from laughing about a joke.

Taylor's Show Notes: Ah, tut tut.

This week on the Pigeoncast, we talk about TCU, mustaches, how much we love/hate/indifferent about Taylor Swift. We also briefly mention Thor, talk about Toto, and puffins. Did you know that Puffins are still alive and they live in places? That's pretty darn neat if you ask of me.

Next week, there's a good chance that the Pigeoncast will be a solo as both Taylor and myself (Austin) will be busy working on things/trying to not die on the GRE. Graduate school is fun, y'all! Please pray for me. 

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Shoutout to our wonderful friend, Kelly, for the podcast theme. Kelly, sorry to call you out this week.