PPC 8: DJ Khaled, You've Gotta Stop.


This week's episode dives into the diamond in the rough hit, The Room. Tyler talks about J. Crew posters that hangs out in his household, Austin makes awful jokes and discuss an old Black Friday story, while concluding about their love for Edgar Wright. The guys also bring up the fact that there is a Christmas tree that costs $1,000 available from Target. If you think that we're lying, oh boy. 

Austin gives his "critical" thoughts about The Room, so if you've never seen The Room, be aware that there are spoilers throughout the discussion. Fun fact: Austin loves hating this movie so much that he will be watching it monthly for the rest of time.

A big shoutout to our new-ish graphic designer, Camryn. She's great and her work can be found here! Another special shoutout to the podcast Beers of the Round Table! Their iTunes link can be found here

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