An Introductory Note


Hi. Austin here and I’m going to do the whole, “I’m talking about things.” This blog is going to be whatever we want it to be. By whatever, I genuinely mean whatever. The list of topics that we can talk about will range from production, to music, to movies, to general thoughts about things.

We can talk about production notes and share how we run a set! We can talk about post production and complain about why Avid isn’t great and why you should be using Premiere Pro! We can talk about the subtext that nearly every movie has and why we should be talking about these things! We can talk about why Sidney Gish is a very good artist and that you should listen to her stuff. (This isn’t a paid plug or anything, I’m listening to her albums while writing this.)

We are calling this blog Pigeon Pecks because we can go more in depth on certain topics compared to the Pigeoncast. Instead of boring you over our podcast, we can now start boring you over words!

Stay tuned to this spot. I will try to make this a weekly thing featuring articles from myself, Tyler, Taylor, and friends of the Pigeon.

As always, thank you for making this dumb thing a reality. We cannot do this without you. Thank you.

Until the next coo,