Hi. Welcome to the Biography page. These are the morons that decided to do this company together. 


Austin - Founder, Lead Writer, Podcast Host, & Social Media Mess

Austin is a dreamer while also being a complete mess. After being a lost soul in Seattle for a year, and getting addicted to coffee, he has come back to Texas to drown himself in queso.

Porcelain Pigeon is a culmination of numerous years of ideas and dreams somehow coming to life. 


Tyler - Creative Director, Executive Producer, & Good Looks

Tyler is a dreamy hunk. He is the reason why we get our gigs. He also has really incredible talents, so we decided to put him in charge of everything creative. 

Tyler can work cameras. He can play music. He also has a pair of Yeezys. When you think of cool, you think of Tyler.


Taylor - Producer, Social Media Manager & Sanity Holder.

Taylor is an over-archiver, as she is a graduate student while also making sure that Porcelain Pigeon isn't on fire.

Contributors To The Pigeon


Camryn - Graphic Designer

Camryn hails from Arizona and does the graphics for Porcelain Pigeon. She's really cool and you should follow her Instagram: 



Kelly - Intro Theme Creator

Kelly hails from New York and decided to sing The Porcelain Pigeoncast Theme Song for us. She's incredible and we love her.