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It's Porcelain Pigeon in Only Dreams



Austin Flores

As a graduate from Texas Christian University, he decided to go to Seattle. After being a lost soul in Seattle for a year, and getting addicted to coffee, he has come back to Texas to drown himself in queso. He's now a graduate student at Southern Methodist University earning his MA in Film and Media Studies. After he finishes up with that, he hopes to land a job so he doesn’t have to worry about health insurance anymore.

He apologizes profusely for everything that he says on


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Panther Island Brewing Series

These are a set of videos that we planned, shot, and edited for Panther Island Brewing in Fort Worth, TX.

Check them out here and here. 

Modern Dance Showcase at SMU

This was a modern dance class that was captured performing at SMU's Law Quad. This footage was cut between two takes. The footage was captured by a BlackMagic Ursa 4.6K, color corrected with DaVanci Resolve, and edited in Adobe Premiere.

It's a meme but with Jurassic Park